COVID-19 has been the most difficult challenge for companies in a lifetime – the protracted closure of parts of the economy has left many businesses with little or no cash reserves and uncertainty about the nature and timing of the recovery. Businesses are being challenged and, as the economy starts to pick up again, many sectors are faced with difficult decisions as to ‘what next’.

Without full visibility on the options available to them, owners may be left with no realistic alternative other than to sell and receive less than full value for years of hard work – and you may well lose a valuable client

However, the Cadence/BM Advisory team is well placed to help.

Working alongside you, we can:

  • offer a comprehensive review and analysis to ascertain the best course of action for your clients
  • explore options and bridge funding gaps to help your clients protect value in their business
  • understand how best to structure capital and where to source debt; especially important in light of recent legislative changes and disruption in the SME lending market caused by the BBLS and CBILS

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A member of the team is readily available to assist you, knowing that timing is often key to maximising your options and achieving the best outcomes for your clients.

BM Advisory: Andy Pear and Mike Solomons

Cadence Advisory: John Weeden